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Switch the coins wisely, and try to pile the same coins up. For example, if you pile five 1 cent coins, they turn into a 5 cent coin. Two 5 cent coins turn into a 10 cent coin. Every time the value change happens, the coins become 1 cent -> 5 cent -> 10 cent -> 25 cent -> 50 cent > $1. When five $1 coins turn into a $5 bill, and it disappears.

Coins are added from the bottom. Make a value change happen as fast as you can and erase the coins effectively. When coins go over the line limit, the game is over.

As the value change happens, you gain the corresponding score. When you make a chain of value changes happen, you'll get the higher score!

According to the score you get, you'll receive coins. Use the coins to buy various upgrades at the shop screen. For example, you can get upgrades to heighten the line limit or strengthen the effect of the special coins. Upgrade yourself and aim for the higher score!

The game supports Japanese yen, US dollar, euro, Pound sterling, and Chinese Renminbi. You can change the currency at any time from the option screen.

How to Move a Coin

Limit of Coin Moves

Change Coins

Coin Feed (Auto)

Coin Feed (Manual)

Game Over

Special Coins

Boost Triple score acquisition within a certain number of turns
Relax Increase the number of turns until the coin feed occurs next time
Wipe Wipe away a certain number of coins on the screen


Coin Acquisition and Upgrade

Height Limit Increase the height of the limit line
Line Expansion Increase the number of lines. Up to 6 lines
Special Coin Appearance Increase the appearance rate of special coins
Boost Increases the number of effective turn of Boost
Relax Increase the number of turns which is added by Relax
Wipe Increase the number of coins which is eliminated by Wipe


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