App Privacy Policy

We, (hereinafter referred to as the "Developer") will handle your personal information in the application service provided by the Developer (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") as follows:

1. Information acquired from customers

In the Service, the following information may be acquired from customers.

1-1. Information to be acquired by using the Service

1-2. Information to be acquired when inquiring from customers

2. Purpose of using information

The Service uses personal information acquired from customers for the following purposes:

3. Provision of Information

We will never provide your personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

4. Usage of Third-Party Services

The Services may use the following third-party services for the convenience and stability improvement of the Service, advertisement distribution, trend survey, prevention of unauthorized use, etc. In this case, for that purpose, the Developer may provide customer's information mentioned in Article 1 (device information including advertisement IDs, customer identification information, usage history of the Service etc.) to the following third-parties.

4-1. App distribution / payment service

4-2. Advertisement distribution service

4-3. Social network / communication service

4-4. Ranking / Online game service

4-5. Cloud service

4-6. Data collecting / analysis service

5. About the use of children

Users who are considered minors in their country or region of residence would need their parent and/or guardian’s consent before using the Services and providing personal information.

6. Management of personal information

The Developer will make efforts to safely and properly manage personal information in order to prevent loss of personal information, destruction, falsification and leakage.

7. Revision of the Privacy Policy

The contents of the Privacy Policy may be changed without notice. The revised privacy policy will be posted on this website promptly.

8. Inquiries

For inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact us using the information below: App Information Desk:


Established Sep. 19, 2018